Many people need but are afraid of receiving chiropractic care because of the
    sudden twisting and popping that is used by the majority of chiropractors.

    Our technique uses a drop table with the patient in a prone(face down) position
    for the duration of the treatment. The treatment takes longer then the traditional
    method, since many small, incremental adjustments are made. The biggest
    difference between our technique and the traditional way of manipulating the
    spine is that in the traditional method primarily the neck and the low back are
    first tensioned in slight rotatory and or lateral bending position, and then a quick
    low intensity  force is applied to move the vertebral joints, some times resulting
    in the "popping noise" that most people are familiar with when cracking their own
    knuckles. Using the drop-table technique at our office, patients are supine  
    through out the entire procedure, the neck and low back are not rotated and the
    procedure is focused on slightly moving each individual vertebra multiple times
    until the desired or the maximum amount of re-alignment is achieved. Most
    patients report that they only feel the drop of the table and very gentle pressure
    on their spine.
    Before leaving, patients are re-evaluated either in a standing or sitting position
    and any miss-alignments found in these positions are corrected using an
    Activator instrument, which helps to gently tap into position any segments of the

    Video of Drop Table short clip
    Video of Drop Table Young Patient